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& Endorsements

August 31, 2021: State Representative Gerrid Kendrix Appointed by Speaker Charles McCall to serve on the Governor’s Council for Workforce & Economic Development. 

State Representative Gerrid Kendrix was awarded the State Chamber’s Rising Star Award in recognition of his strong economic development and pro-business policies. In 2023, Representative Kendrix was inducted into the Western Oklahoma State College Alumni Association’s Hall of Fame.


Representative Kendrix is appointed to serve on the following committees in the 59th Legislature of the Oklahoma House of Representatives:


  • Administrative Rules - Chairman

  • Appropriations & Budget

  • Appropriation & Budget Sub-Committee on Health

  • Business & Commerce

  • House Special Investigative Committee

Gerrid being sworn in_edited.jpg
Gerrid presenting on house floor.JPG

Key Legislation 2023

Served as Chair of the Administrative Rules Committee, which plays an ongoing, integral role throughout each session as guardian of the Constitutional directive of separation of powers by ensuring that rules created by agencies do not exceed the scope of designated legislative authority.

Served as one of the three members of the Oklahoma House of Representatives tax reform working group at the request of Speaker Charles McCall. The three House members worked alongside three of their senate counterparts on reviewing Oklahoma’s tax structure for ways to streamline and simplify our tax code. Work is ongoing.

Authored HB2695, which contained language passed into law under HB1039x. These bills called for the cessation of the franchise tax, assisting with tax reform by eliminating an antiquated system first initiated in the 1970’s, which levied a direct tax on capital investment, and had served to discourage companies from expanding operations in our state. The elimination of this tax helps to show that Oklahoma is welcoming new business and expanded operations for companies to start here, and grow here.

Rep. Gerrid Kendrix, R-Altus, and Sen. Dave Rader, R-Tulsa, wrote the original legislation when it was House Bill 2695. Kendrix previously spoke with Oklahoma Business Voice and said the tax deters businesses from starting in or expanding into Oklahoma.

“We’ve always been of the mindset that we want to encourage businesses to come to the state and grow their businesses here in the state. If you got a scenario where you punish them for investing, that just doesn’t make a lot of sense,” Kendrix said.

Authored HJR1045 This resolution was authored with the Senate Chair of Administrative Rules, approving and/or disapproving rules developed by agencies proposed over the last year. This was the culmination of all rules adopted by the various state agencies since close of session in 2022.

Authored SB515 A new law updating statutory language, statutory references, and other needed changes to the Administrative Procedures Act such as modifying the date of submission for proposed permanent administrative rules to allow time for proper review.

Key Legislation 2022


Authored HB3132, removed restrictions on rural first response agencies so they can perform emergency medical care until an ambulance can arrive on the scene. Signed into law.


Authored HB3133, changes to statutes regarding transportation of minors under Office of Juvenile Affairs and related reimbursements


Authored HB3134, made needed changes to audit requirements under statute – worked with the State Auditor


Authored HB3135, changes to eligible offender statute in the Oklahoma Community Sentencing Act

Co-Authored SB612, Prohibits performance of or attempt to perform an abortion except to save mothers life in emergency.


Co-Authored SB2, Creates the Save Women’s Sports Act.  Requiring teams be based on biological sex.

Co-Authored SB615, require restrooms or changing areas to be used by individuals based on biological sex


Co-Authored SB631, Made Oklahoma a second amendment sanctuary state.

2022 FIrefighter bill  HB3132 Signing into law.jpg

Co-Authored SB1100, limiting biological sex designation on birth certificates to male or female


Co-Authored HB1032, Home Bakery Act – allowing home food establishments/homemade food products


Co-Authored HB2441, Heartbeat Bill – restricts abortion when fetal heartbeat is present.


Co-Authored HB2648, Oklahoma Religious Freedom Act

Key Legislation 2021


Authored HB1090, a transparency and accountability bill which passed the House unanimously, to expand the State Auditor's ability to audit how the government spends your tax dollars.


Supported HR1005,  the 10th Amendment right of Oklahoma to refuse Biden’s unconstitutional executive orders.

Co-Authored SB631, which designated Oklahoma as a Second Amendment sanctuary state.


Co-Authored SB155 creating additional transparency by the Oklahoma Supreme Court


Co-Authored HB1032, expanding entrepreneurship abilities for home-based businesses.


Co-Authored HB1775, protecting Oklahoma’s kids against indoctrination and Critical Race Theory.


Co-Authored SB2, against allowing biological males to play in female sports programs.

Co-Authored HB2648, the Oklahoma Religious Freedom Act to prohibit government-forced restriction of individuals exercising their right to worship.

Supported HB2900, which provides record funding of $3.2 billion for education.

Co-Authored SB 922,  Enables the OK Department of Commerce to provide entities in the state with funds to invest in economic growth opportunities.


Co-Authored HB 1674, Unlawful obstruction of any public street, highway, or road that restrains motor vehicle traffic is guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by up to 1 year in jail. A motor vehicle operator who unintentionally causes injury or death while fleeing a riot is not to be held criminally or civilly liable.  


Co-Authored HB 2441, Requires person performing an abortion to first determine whether the preborn child has a heartbeat. If the child has a heartbeat, abortion is prohibited unless the mother’s life is in danger or to avoid an irreversible physical impairment of a major bodily function.


Co-Authored HB 1102, Modifies the medical definition of “unprofessional conduct” to include performing an abortion unless the procedure is performed to prevent the death or significant impairment of the mother. An abortion may not be performed based solely on the mental or emotional health of the mother. 

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